Advertising on RTVI TV in the United States
TOP-3 TV Channels For Russian-speaking Audience
The RTVI audience in the United States is more than 3.5 million people who speak and understand Russian.
The RTVI is among the top 3 most popular Russian-language TV channels, with more than 70% of viewers calling it the leader in international Russian-language broadcasting.
Why us?
A multi-million RTVI audience will learn about your business. Develop your business with the leaders in the television and advertising market
The general producer of RTVI is Sergey Shnurov. The most successful according to Forbes Russia in the rating of show business stars, the creator and leader of one of the most successful bands in Europe "Leningrad". As well as a singer and producer with a worldwide reputation.
Star team of presenters and reporters, unique and popular content.
RTVI in numbers
TV channels for Russian-speaking
3,5 M+
RTVI Audience in USA
250 M
Coverage of multimedia platform

Your key to the Russian-speaking community
Choose RTVI as your advertising partner and more than 3.5 million US target audiences will learn about your business!
Your key to the Russian-speaking community
Choose RTVI as your advertising partner and more than 3.5 million US target audiences will learn about your business!

Advertising opportunities
Choose the direction you are interested in and find out more
Direct placement
Package placement based on business needs and maximum audience coverage. Format: advertising clip, 15/30 seconds.
The price is specified at the rate of 30 - second clip.
Term of placement: from 4 weeks
Sponsorship of RTVI's top-rated shows
Sponsorship is an effective way to communicate a positive brand image and its high profile. Video bumper "sponsored by" is placed before or after the commercial break. Sponsorship element: a video bumper "Sponsored by"/animated lower third.
Pricing includes a 10-second sponsor bumper with a 4-week minimum advertising contract.
Studio Live
New York Studio anchors together with renowned experts and guests discuss most important global events.
- 4-week total show airings: up to 48
- Duration: up to 240 min/day
- Layout: video bumper "Sponsored by"
- Schedule:
Monday-Friday 3-7pm
Saturday-Sunday 4-7:30am
Sunday-Monday 4-6:30am
Evening News
Up to 32 sponsor bumper airings/month
A 20-minute news bulletin Monday through Thursday from the New York Studio. We pin down facts, without any evaluation or commentary
- 4-week total show airings: up to 16
- Duration: 22 min
- Layout: video bumper "Sponsored by" or animated banner
- Schedule: Monday-Thursday 7pm
The Talk
Weekly heart-to-heart star interviews with renowned writers, actors, directors, musicians, athletes, journalists and public leaders.
- 4-week total show airings: up to 40
- Duration: 55 min
- Layout: video bumper "Sponsored by"
- Schedule: Monday/Wednesday 2pm/1am
Wednesday and Friday 10 am
Saturday and Sunday 12pm/1:30 am
Up to 24 sponsor bumper airings/month
Alexey Pivovarov's own project. It's not a report or an interview in a classic representation: every story is told live and at the scene. Each episode includes people, events and stories that resonate in Russia and around the world.
- 4-week total show airings: up to 12
- Duration: 50 min
- Layout: video bumper "Sponsored by"
- Schedule: Thursday 2pm/1am
Sunday 2:30pm
Israel News
Up to 16 sponsor bumper airings a month
Latest news in 15 minutes from RTVI studio in Tel Aviv every Monday and Wednesday, hosted by Denis Goldman.
- 4-week total show airings: up to 16
- Duration: 15 min
- Layout: video bumper "Sponsored by"
- Schedule: Monday and Wednesday 12:45pm/6pm
Labkovskiy Talk
Up to 32 sponsor bumper airings/month
Mikhail Labkovskiy's own show. The renowned psychologist analyzes the slings and arrows of life and gives advice on how to cope with them.
- 4-week total show airings: up to 16
- Duration: 29 min
- Layout: video bumper "Sponsored by"
- Schedule: Monday 8:30pm
Wednesday 11am/0:30am
Sunday 11:30pm
Weather Forecast
The host presents the sponsor, provides a brief description of the business, services rendered and competitive advantages. Sponsor logo, business related photos and contact information appear on screen in the interim.
- 4-week total show airings: up to 120
- Duration: 5 min
- Placement contract from 4 weeks and up
- Schedule: Monday – Friday 8:55 pm, 11:45pm
Monday – Thursday 7:25pm
Tuesday – Saturday 9:15am, 10:55am, 11:55am
Friday 6:55pm
New York Patrol with Denis Cheredov
Highlights the most important events around New York City. An overview of incidents, popular news, scandals, and much more. Business integration into one of RTVIs most popular shows. News crew will visit the place of business and film according to a previously coordinated theme.
- Weekly airings: 2
- Show Duration: 23 min
- 4 min report format
- Placement contract from 4 weeks and up
- Schedule: Tuesday 6:30 pm (reruns Wednesday 5:30am)
Thursday 6:30pm (reruns Friday 5:30 am)
Studio Live (integration option)
Up to 3 show airings
RTVI's news crew visits the place of business and does standups that go live. The client acts as an expert explaining how the business operates and its competitive advantages.
Contact information is displayed in the lower third of the screen multiple times during the live standup.
- Total airings: up to 3
- 3-minute report format
- Schedule: Monday-Friday 3-7pm
Meeting Point
A commercial show in a form of an interview with real professionals. We talk about businesses and individuals, success and achievements, services rendered and business development plans.
Accompanied by photo/video integration.
- Airings a week: 4 (1 premier and 3 reruns)
- Duration: 26 min
- Schedule: Wednesday 8:30pm
Friday 11am
Sunday 8:30am
Monday 8:30 am
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Questions and Answers
About RTVI
RTVI is an international American multiplatform centrist media in Russian, which includes a TV channel, a website and accounts on all major social networks. The total coverage of multimedia media is over 28 million people. Updated RTVI slogan "Local. Globally. On both sides". International American TV channel RTVI in Russian broadcasts in more than 50 countries.
What is the channel's audience coverage? Where is it presented?
The total audience coverage of the channel is over 11 million people. The number of broadcasters is over 200 worldwide. The channel is present in 53 countries, among them: USA, Canada, Israel, Germany, Baltic and post-Soviet countries.
Digital platform RTVI - is 1.4 million unique users per month and more than 850 thousand subscribers in social networks.
What is the RTVI audience?
● Russian-speaking people all over the world;
● Active and thinking;
● Critical thinkers;
● Having a request for exclusive local content;
● 35+;
● 50/50 men and women;
● Middle class and above;
● Educated;
● Family.
The year of foundation of the channel was 1997.

36-01 37th Ave, Long Island City, NY 11101
(212) 729-4580
About the RTVI concept
The RTVI concept is an infotainment, as well as local programs, interesting for Russian-speaking audience in all regions of its presence. Cross-Country broadcasting and social and political programs account for about 30% of the channel's content. The rest comes from entertainment and educational programs: talk shows, interviews, feature and documentary films, cartoons.

36-01 37th Ave, Long Island City, NY 11101
(212) 729-4580
Who are the faces of the channel?
Sergey Shnurov, general producer of the RTVI TV channel.
Stanislav Kucher, Editor-in-Chief of the RTVI USA, presenter of the programs "Through Air" and "Chas Speak".
Boris Stern, presenter of "Israel for the week", "News. Israel.
Konstantin Goldenzweig, head of the RTVI bureau in the EU.
Marianna Minsker, presenter of "New Results", "We need to talk", "About Vysokom", "You're hanging in there".
Harry Knyagnitsky, presenter of "New Results", "Through Air".
Denis Cheredov, host of "The New Yorker on Duty".
Alina Polyanskikh, presenter of the program "Cross-Cutting Air".
Nikita Rudakov, presenter of "Chas Speak", "Business. Foreigners in Russia".
Vitaly Dymarsky, publicist, translator, editor-in-chief of the "Amateur" magazine, presenter of the program "Amateur".
Lisa Kaimin, host of the evening news and "Skvaznogo ether".
Andrei Konyaev, journalist, author of "N+1" magazine, presenter of "N+2" program.
Elizaveta Osetinskaya, presenter of the programme "Russian Norms!".
Mikhail Labkovsky, psychologist, host of the program "Conversation with Labkovsky".
Alexander Genis, journalist, publicist and writer, presenter of the Nashi program.
Daria Peschikova, chief editor of the website, presenter of the programme "Big News".
Maria Komandova, sports journalist and commentator, interviewer, TV presenter, host of the show COMMANDOS.
Alexander Filippenko, presenter of the programme "For Three".
Andrei Ezhov, host of the program "Big News", "Special Guest".

36-01 37th Ave, Long Island City, NY 11101
(212) 729-4580
Benefits of Sponsorship Advertising on RTVI
1. It is placed outside the advertising blocks.
2. Completely excludes the presence of direct competitors in the sponsored television program.
3. 3. Creates a certain associative link between the sponsor's brand and the sponsored TV channel/programme.
4. 4. Variability of placement and broadcasting forms.
5. Allows to influence the target audience in the place of its constant concentration.
6. It is applied directly in the on air space, not limited to advertising blocks.

36-01 37th Ave, Long Island City, NY 11101
(212) 729-4580
Benefits of direct advertising on RTVI
The main advantage of direct advertising on RTVI is mass. It can be simultaneously seen by millions of viewers, which makes the cost of attracting one client insignificant. Advertising shown on RTVI is a powerful tool of influence, as it is quite colorful, bright, accompanied by sound effects and a clear image of the product itself.
Another important advantage of direct advertising on RTVI - it demonstrates the prestige of the company, its capabilities and attitude towards customers. Also advertising shows the loyalty and attentive attitude of the manufacturer to its customers.
We can highlight the following main advantages of direct advertising on the RTVI: the ability to reach a large audience, demonstrating absolutely any goods and services, the creation of unique stories and vivid images, which creates a spectacle, high efficiency, the ability to choose any time of day for broadcast, product visibility, the impact on the emotions and feelings of the consumer, attracting his attention, the relatively low cost of a single contact, the demonstration of the result of the acquisition of the product, the possibility of advertising and one of the most important features of the RTVI.
High-quality and well-thought-out advertising of goods and services on RTVI significantly increases the chance that the consumer after viewing it will make a choice in favor of your business.

36-01 37th Ave, Long Island City, NY 11101
(212) 729-4580
Technical requirements for video clips
Duration: multiple of 5 sec (10, 15, 20, 25, 30 sec)
Resolution: Full HD 1920x1080 пикселей
Aspect 16:9, square pixel
Video codec MPEG-2, H.264
Wrapper MPG (for MPEG-2), MP4 (for H.264)
Bitrate 12 - 30 Mbps
Interlacing (Top filed first) or Progressive
Chroma sampling 4:2:0 or 4:2:2
Sound channels: 2-channel Mix.
Format of sound. 2 ch or stereo
Audio codec: MPEG audio, AAC or PCM
Sampling frequency: 48 KHz, min bitrate 128 kbps
Levels: Nominal/max -12 / -9 DBFS, -20 / -18 LUFS

36-01 37th Ave, Long Island City, NY 11101
(212) 729-4580